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Protective Security

Our protective security package can be adapted for any type of client, from high profile captains of industry and commerce, to film stars and celebrities who may prefer a much lower profile yet are unable to achieve it due to factors such as media and public attention.

This service not only enables the client to continue presenting the desired profile, but also applies to their business and residential properties.

Protective security includes:

  • Office Security

  • Public Appearances

  • Low Level Protection

  • Travel Abroad

  • Hotel Security

  • Residential Security

Security Management

Through this process we are able to explore and assess all the potential pitfalls which may beset an enterprise or operation.

Identifying these threats enables SRS Global to provide the client with realistic advice on how to minimise disruption and eliminate problems.

Threat Assessment

This could involve a number of circumstances: political, logistical, acts of terrorism and natural disasters. This approach would secure an immediate, or in some cases a pre-emptive plan, with which to effectively minimise or prevent disruption.

Security Management includes:

  • Crisis management

  • Physical Security

  • Threat Assessments

  • Security Audits

Corporate Security

In the corporate business world, the protection of, or the timely provision of information can make or break a business.

SRS Global can provide the necessary infrastructure in terms of people and facilities, which allows informed decisions to be made based on factual evidence. This may involve covert surveillance work or the possible deployment of personnel overseas to provide a truly comprehensive picture.

Corporate security Includes:

•           Business Intelligence Enquiries

•           Overseas security Teams

•           Corporate Surveillance






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